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The No. 1 Rule in Blogging…

In business communications on 05/15/2009 at 6:17 pm

Is to update your blog frequently. Simply put, the more you write, the more people will come back. If you wait too long in-between posts, you could lose readers! Frequent blogging is also good for SEO purposes.

Well, I have clearly not followed my own advice, as you can see from the date of my last post. Worse, I give this advice all the time to clients. My pal Sherry Heyl, a blogger and social media expert, recently ranted about several bloggers who she stopped subscribing to because they weren’t updating their posts enough. That was all I needed to get back to my site, even if it was only for a quick entry.

I must admit, there’s nothing worse than finding a great blogger who you’ve been following only to find that week after week he or she doesn’t write anymore.

So, if you find yourself swamped like I have lately, just take a deep breath. And take eight minutes out of your busy day to write a quick post. Eight minutes–that’s like an average Pink Floyd song. Certainly you can spare that much time, right?

Bottom line, every entry does not have to be a home run. A couple of paragraphs on an interesting news story you read about will do. Or even just a few sentences on an exciting project you’re working on. That way, with minimal effort, you can keep your content refreshed…and (hopefully) give a reason for your readers to come back.

An interesting aside, I have just co-authored a white paper with Carabiner Communications on how B2B companies can embrace social media. I’ll let you know when it’s out.

Until next time…hopefully real soon.


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