Justin Rubner

The Restaurant That Loves a Bad Review

In marketing strategy, public relations on 02/16/2011 at 5:05 pm
Restaurant turns a bad review into good PR

Restaurant turns a bad review into good PR

No business wants to receive a bad review on Yelp.

But one, a popular gastropub in Chicago, Longman & Eagle, turned one into a great positive with this postcard.

You could say the reviewer, who apparently doesn’t know where a question mark goes, got served.

Dealing with bad reviews isn’t easy. Even if they’re nonsensical, like this one. The best way is to actually take reviews to heart and change the biggest thing people are complaining about.

It’s also important to engage reviewers. Often, if you’re honest, and offer to right any wrong they think you made, they’ll come around. Sometimes, they’ll even update a review to make it positive.

What else can you do? Encourage positive reviews with happy customers. In extreme cases, you can also start a content campaign to drown out bad reviews on search engines.

Kudos to this restaurant for coming up with an imaginative, and edgy, alternative solution. As you can see, Facebook fans ate it up.

Don’t know about the bone marrow. But next time I’m in Chicago, I’m game for the wild boar.

Facebook fans for Longman's & Eagle's

A great way to truly engage Facebook fans

- Justin Rubner

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