Justin Rubner

Copycation is Live!

In Uncategorized on 02/20/2009 at 10:48 pm

Glad you found this site. I’ve been wanting to start a blog like this for a long time. Enough procrastinating, already…

This is Copycation. Epiphanies on media, communications and copywriting. Uncommon analysis on what the news media are up to and how companies are communicating. Your source for tips on becoming a better communicator.

My name is Justin Rubner, a message development strategist and corporate writer. As I say in the “About” section, I hate corporate speak, tech speak, meaningless jargon, acronyms and otherwise obtuse messaging. As a former journalist, I was inundated everyday with this garbage–press releases, websites and written pitches.

I hope to rid the world of this insanity.

Please take a few seconds to sign up for the Copycation RSS feed. See you soon!


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  1. Justin — did you intend the irony to end your message with a reference to the acronym “RSS”?

    • Matt–I think RSS is one of those acronyms we know better as an acronym and less as a phrase. If I say “really simple syndication,” the average person won’t truly understand it as they would RSS.

      Either way, sometimes we rely too much on techies to define our language!

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